Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flying Wings Composite

Here is my composite image of AMT's 1/72 scale Northrop XB35 Flying Wing and Testors 1/72 scale Northrop B2 Spirit flying in formation.
I figured no one will ever see these two craft flying together in real life so I just had to make a composite of it.
Images of the XB35 model can be seen here. Images of the B2 Spirit model can be seen here.


Hanny said...

I think it's fascinating how long the US worked on developing the wing aircraft before the Spirit was commissioned.

Generally I'm more interested in fighter planes, but the Spirit really catches my attention. It's incredible that we could buy a Nimitz-class carrier for the price of 3 Spirits.

Warren Zoell said...

First offs are always expensive. I think a B2 would be allot cheaper to produce today.

Manchu said...

Quel spectacle ça pourrait faire pour un meeting aérien !!!

Warren Zoell said...

Un spectacle que nous ne verrons jamais. Je ne pense pas toute exsist XB 35 de plus.