Monday, March 12, 2012

Artwerks For Sale

Here are some images of... Yep you guessed it, some of my artwerks and they're for sale.
Each image is 20 inches across. The height of the image of course varies depending on the image chosen. These works are printed once and only once on a high quality canvas (they look incredible), never to be printed in that format ever again. Plus each work is signed by yours truly.
I am selling each work for the sum of $400 Cdn professionally framed plus shipping and handling or if you wish to have it framed yourself each work is $160 plus shipping and handling. Shipment will be made upon receipt of payment either by check or money order. Upon the sale of any work an update will be placed on the specific post indicating that it has been sold.
You can can choose from any of the examples above. If these works are not quite to your taste or if you wish to find out more information on the above images you may wish to visit the Composite section of this site.
To view the above poster in its largest format, in Mac click on image and then right click your mouse and select view image. I can't remember what it is for a PC but I would imagine it is something similar. When I find out I will update this post.
If you wish to purchase any of my humble works, or if you have any further questions you can contact me at
Thank You Warren Zoell


Diego said...

Excellent idea, is a high-quality work

Warren Zoell said...

Gracias Diego, espero que ellos venden.

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. I quite like the space stuff.... especially the 2001 items.


Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Dave - I hope I get something out of it.