Monday, March 5, 2012

TBF Avenger Composite

Here is my composite image of Italeri's 1/48 scale Grumman TBF Avenger against a stormy sky.

Images of the model can be seen here.


Paul said...

Nicely donw, and a good pick of background for the TBF. I always loved the Avenger, I think it looks especially good in RAF markings.

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Paul - I'm a big Avenger fan myself. It's a pity more people aren't.

Paul said...

Well the service record is not so great, but that's probably true of most torpedo aircraft. Outside of Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Bismark I don't recall any major successes.

I've always liked ungainly looking aircraft, the Lysander, the Stuka, the Helldiver, and the Avenger falls under that category.

There's a TBF aboard the USS Hornet Museum. It is one big airplane.

Warren Zoell said...

They were from the day when the idea of a multi role aircraft hadn't be fully realized.

Anonymous said...

Best multiroll aircraft from WW2 would be the Mossie. No other aircraft be it. And it was one of the few that could carry a grand slam.

Warren Zoell said...

The Mosquito was a great multi role craft. Though it was specially modified Lancasters that carried the Grand Slam.

You might be thinking of the Dam Buster bomb. A Mosquito was used during the Dam Buster's test trials.