Thursday, May 6, 2010


Here are some better images of MPM models 1/48 scale Heinkel HE 177 A5 Grief. With the German high command's insistence that this four engined bomber be built with only two nacelles caused no end of headaches and "grief" (apt name) and not to mention many deaths. During it's development and production stage this aircraft was continually plagued with over heating engines, engine fires and explosions both on ground and in flight and despite repeated pleas to convert this aircraft to a conventional four engined bomber the Nazis in charge would have none of it. Even Herman Goering at one point told Heinkel to stop bothering him about it. Eventually late in the war Heinkel developed it to the A5 and this version was a safe enough aircraft that it could be flown without to much consternation. Heinkel did develop a conventional four nacelle'd prototype and guess what? It flew beautifully. Why Goering and his cohorts insisted on a two nacelle design is anyones guess and anyway by the time a workable version came out it's usefulness was pretty much obsolete as Nazi Germany was by then decidedly on a defensive role and there was no need for an offensive heavy bomber though some sorties were flown. The model like the real aircraft caused no end of "grief" (apt name). Though a highly detailed model, parts wouldn't fit right, lots of open seems, Vague instructions at times and the nacelles kept exploding (kidding). So be warned if you are planning on purchasing this model kit it is expensive (around $200 + Cdn) and be prepared for some shoe horning, filling and sanding. However in the end it does produce an impressive display piece.

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