Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Pig

Here are some better images of Italeri's 1/35 scale S.L.C. 200 "Maiale" (The Pig) manned torpedo. In its day (WW II) because of its stealthy like nature proved to be a successfully destructive device. Pilots would slowly drive up to a docked enemy ship at night, release and then attach the front part of the Maiale (the warhead) to the hull, then they would set the timer and quietly drive away. This is a small but nicely detailed model and at around $30 Cdn is a little costly considering its size but I think because of its detail is worth it. This model comes with two figures but I decided to use only one figure for the display as I think it gives it a more ominous feel. But that's just me.


Pat Tillett said...

great job. I never heard it before.
You are very good at this. You also take GREAT photos!

Warren Zoell said...

Neither did I until a couple of months ago. I discovered that taking pictures of my models outside on my balcony produces better pictures because of natural light as opposed to taking them indoors with a flash like I was doing a few months ago. Mind you I have no idea what I'm going to do when winter comes. Up here in Edmonton winters have been known to get really nasty at times.

zumar muzammil said...

Greetings from Indonesia
Can I buy or you make another one of this model n ship it overseas to Indonesia?
Pls email me for details (price, etc.) to