Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I.A.R 80

Here is an image of Dave Porter's 1/48 scale I.A.R 80 from LTD models.

It’s a low production, low pressure injection kit that’s requires a lot of work. It has accurate proportions and nicely formed recessed panel lines. It comes with three different options for decals. Dave really likes this aircraft because it has “hot rod“ looks. The I.A.R. 80 was a home grown Romanian fighter designed in the late thirties/early forties. It wasn’t real fast and it didn’t have a lot of punch but it was able to hang in the fight with U.S. P-38’s on several occasions.

This aircraft had the notoriety of facing off against the B-24’s on the Ploesti raid.


Pat Tillett said...

I had no idea that Romania even had an aircraft industry!

great looking model

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat.

I think they lost their aircraft industry as soon as they were part of the Warsaw Pact.


Eclipsse said... said...

Might that aircraft be for sale ?