Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sea Witch

Here are some images plus a composite of Revell's 1'72 scale Starfury Sea Witch from Babylon 5. From Wikipedia "

The Starfury fighter is a fictional vessel used by Earthforce, the military branch of the Earth Alliance, in the science fiction television series Babylon 5. The CGI model was first seen in the opening episode of the first season, "Midnight On The Firing Line" which first aired in the United States in January 1994, and has essentially appeared in every episode thereafter.

It also appears in the later, and short lived, Crusade television series, the special edition (not original) version of the pilot movie, The Gathering, the TV movies In the Beginning, Thirdspace, The River of Souls and A Call to Arms, as well as the The Lost Tales (the first in an anthology series which was to be released on DVD but was aborted due to funding issues). Plus a number of written short stories and novels based in the same fictional universe.


Arkonbey said...


Nicely done. I like the weathering and I noticed what a fantastic job on joining the wing/nacelles. That kit is a bear for gaps.

I also really like the star-speckled stand. Mind if I steal that idea ;)

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Arkonbay. Steal away after all I stole it from someone as well.

Warren Zoell said...

I'm putting up the Starfury Omega tomorrow.

Tony said...

WOW that's a fantastic model.

I've always wanted to try one of these, great models, from a great series.


Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Tony