Friday, January 14, 2011

King Tiger Tank.

Here are some images of Dave Porter's 1/35 scale King Tiger Tank and here in his own words is his description.
This is a second generation Tamiya 1/35 scale King Tiger tank. I built this model 20 years ago pretty much out of the box. I finished it in Gunze acrylics and artists oils with a bit of pastel chalks. I added a Dragon tank commander to complete the model.


Andrea said...

Can't wait to show this to my son - he is all into tanks and especially WWII. (Not sure if that's when Tigers were used, but it seems I've heard him mention them several times!)

Andrea said...

Well, son just saw the pics - "That's awesome!" Then we had to go look at all the German vehicles on your site. He was glued to the screen! Amazing-the detail!

Warren Zoell said...

That's great to hear. Aircraft will be next.