Monday, April 18, 2011

Endeavour Re Post

Here are some better images of Conctructo's 1/60 scale H.M.C. Endeavour Captain James Cook commanding. James Cooks middle name was not known. The Endeavour was a bark made of English oak with a reinforced structure. It was prepared to accommodate a group of astronomers and scientists accompanying the expedition for the main purpose of observing the transit of Venus across the sun, an event due to happen in June 1769 and which was supposed to be visible from the island of Tahiti. The woods used for this model were Ayous, Ramin, Boxwood, Mukaly, Sapelly and Manzonia. I have always found that working with Sapelly wood to be difficult in one respect, it has a tendency to slightly change colour when you sand it. So one has to be careful.


Pat Tillett said...

Amazing detail! Interesting info also. The first photo looks real!

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Pat.

Diego said...

Hats off ..... this is something I can never do ...... I congratulate Warren

Anonymous said...

This is a thing of beauty.......serious! Fabulous rigging.


Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Guys. Gracias