Tuesday, January 14, 2014

U.S.S. Sulaco

Here are some more images of Halcyon Models 1/2400 scale U.S.S. Sulaco from the movie the Alien movies. From Wikipedia "The U.S.S. Sulaco is a fictional spaceship and important setting in the film Aliens. It also appears briefly in the opening scene of Alien 3, and will appear in the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines video game that takes place shortly after the events of Alien 3.
The Sulaco is named after a fictional town in Joseph Conrad's novel Nostromo (the name of the ship from the original Alien), and a number of other names in the franchise are based on Conrad's work as well.
Some social sciences research into the Alien franchise's symbology has considered it significant that Sulaco in Conrad's Nostromo is the home of the white owners of the silver mine figuring in the book, while the Sulaco in Aliens transports soldiers to investigate unknown troubles at a corporate outpost of Weyland Yutani and to protect the investment - drawing parallels between the 'corporate' owners in Conrad's work and the shadowy business entity forming a central part of the Aliens franchise.

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